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Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategies

We can work with your organisation to design from scratch or build upon existing mental wellbeing initiatives

For many organisations, thinking about the mental health and wellbeing of employees is a daunting challenge. With the benefit of many years of clinical experience in working with mental health, we are well placed to successfully help you navigate this path. We enable companies to create an environment in which good mental health practices can be modelled from the top down, reaching the heart of the organisation, enabling your workforce to thrive.

“HealthyMinds@Work is committed to delivering integrated and flexible wellbeing solutions that protect and support staff, whilst also preserving the culture, productivity and creativity of an organisation.”

We offer organisations consultancy in how to build an integrated wellbeing provision. We will work with you to understand the existing culture and challenges of your organisation, explore a vision for a mental wellbeing strategy, how it would benefit your organisation and how best to achieve it.

We provide the following:

    • An evaluation of the current wellbeing of the staff through surveys, stress audit and other means.
    • An audit of existing wellbeing provisions to determine effectiveness.
    • Proposal of recommendations to fill gaps and introduce new initiatives.
    • Education around mental health and wellbeing
    • Co-designing a change plan to ensure integration of wellbeing and mental health programme.
    • Senior leadership education to embed and support changes.

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  • The results of the training were a more consistent, professional and structured system for performance management across the organisation, with objectives in place for each team member and linked to those of the organisation.

  • Leanne is a person of high integrity who is utterly dependable and a coach who takes pride in what she does and gains great pleasure from supporting her clients to the best of her ability.

  • Jo, Jacqueline and Leanne have run workshops in the school to enhance our understanding of emotional resilience and are extremely skilled at identifying how best to use their own specific skill sets to support individuals.

  • Line managers [now] feel far more confident and able to engage with staff about performance.

  • Leanne is highly supportive and enjoys creating a safe environment where people are happy, and willing to dig deep into themselves to find what’s holding them back.

  • Through my own supervision and workshops at the school we have ensured wellbeing is at the heart of our school improvement work.

0208 798 3498