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Clients Stories

Headteacher - The Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street & UCH

Great Ormond Street Hospital SchoolLeading a school and having the personal resources to always meet the needs of children, staff and families is the real challenge for any Headteacher. Working alongside HealthyMinds@Work has ensured that I carve out individual time to consider the wide ranging demands of my organisation and the impact this has on me personally; ultimately ensuring the school continues to move forwards productively.

Jo, Jacqueline and Leanne  have run workshops in the school to enhance our understanding of emotional resilience and are extremely skilled at identifying how best to use their own specific skill sets to support individuals.

My regular meetings with HealthyMinds@Work have become an integral part of my day to day work and without doubt increased my creativity and productivity and had a positive knock on effect on the wider community I interact with daily.

Through my own supervision and workshops at the school we have ensured well being is at the heart of our school improvement work.  At the same time the team have looked closely at how best they can offer support to the entire school team through workshops and using their own individual skills sets.


Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is a fast growing, dynamic mental health charity. Following a period of rapid growth across the organisation, CALM was in a position of having a group of line managers with mixed experience leading a substantially larger team.

To support this growth and the development of the charity, CALM asked Leanne [HealthyMinds@Work] to provide the Senior Leadership Team with a two-day workshop to improve performance management and leadership skills.

Leanne took the time to meet and be briefed by all members of the senior team in advance, so I felt that the two day course was very well planned and tailored specifically to take into account the sensitive issues facing CALM, as a suicide prevention charity.

The workshop included practical advice on the timing and preparation for performance reviews, practical advice on managing performance in a variety of scenarios, including how to provide constructive feedback and dealing with underperforming staff. Leanne also provided resources and documentation specifically for CALM’s performance management process.

Three months after the course, Leanne came back into CALM to review our progress, how the training had been put into practice and to provide some concluding support.

The results of the training were a more consistent, professional and structured system for performance management across the organisation, with objectives in place for each team member and linked to those of the organisation. Line managers feel far more confident and able to engage with staff about performance.

Feedback from the team was excellent. Line managers reported that the session was practical, interesting, engaging and most importantly they knew what they needed to do back in the workplace to get the best from their teams.

Developing People International

Developing PeopleIt is a pleasure to recommend Leanne who is a very valued member of the Developing People team. She is a talented trainer, consultant, and outstanding coach and simply a wonderful person at heart. Able to quickly build rapport with clients at all levels, Leanne is highly supportive and enjoys creating a safe environment where people are happy, and willing to dig deep into themselves to find what’s holding them back. In this way Leanne helps her coaching clients find themselves and through a mixture of her deep understanding of people’s emotional world and how this affects their behaviour and skilful coaching she enables them to free themselves from old behavioural patterns and so reach their full potential. I have no hesitation in recommending Leanne as a person of high integrity who is utterly dependable and a coach who takes pride in what she does and gains great pleasure from supporting her clients to the best of her ability



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