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Our Vision

An organisation needs to inspire, motivate and harness the creativity, diversity and potential of its workforce

Our vision is to support and enable organisations to become emotionally intelligent and mentally healthy workplaces, where people have the skills and behaviors to lead, create and work well together.

We all have a mental health, just as we have a physical health. Evidence shows that healthy minds are fundamental to our wellbeing and our ability to perform and thrive. Organisations expecting their workforce to be productive and effective therefore need to take an active role in caring for the mental wellbeing of their staff.

Creating a mental health strategy requires clinical insight and understanding into the minds of the individuals and groups. As psychotherapists with commercial experience, we are uniquely placed to achieve this. As practising clinicians we’re working daily to help people better understand and improve their emotional and mental health.

We came together with a shared purpose and interest in offering the insights and tools of psychotherapy, to the wider world. Our clients become better thinkers, with deeper self awareness, improved relationships and an increased ability to cope with the challenges of everyday life. We want to bring this insight to your organisation.

The other driving force behind our vision is that prevention helps avert a crisis. Emotionally aware individuals are far less likely to become depressed or anxious, have panic attacks, experience heightened stress and have break downs in relationships. This helps to decrease ill health, and therefore absenteeism/presenteeism, whilst improves productivity and also retains and attracts talent – the business case is clear.

As our working worlds become more complicated and competitive, with increasing stress and anxiety, accelerated levels of change and uncertainty, globalisation, along with advances in technology and communication there is an even greater case for increasing the emotional and mental intelligence of employees.

Helping employees build a mental and emotional muscle, prevents serious mental health issues and increases their ability to deal with difficult situations. But more importantly, these same tools and techniques improve leadership, relationship and communication skills, whilst creating a healthier and more productive environment where all employees can perform to the best of their abilities.

Would you like to know more about how we could help?

  • The results of the training were a more consistent, professional and structured system for performance management across the organisation, with objectives in place for each team member and linked to those of the organisation.

  • Leanne is a person of high integrity who is utterly dependable and a coach who takes pride in what she does and gains great pleasure from supporting her clients to the best of her ability.

  • Jo, Jacqueline and Leanne have run workshops in the school to enhance our understanding of emotional resilience and are extremely skilled at identifying how best to use their own specific skill sets to support individuals.

  • Line managers [now] feel far more confident and able to engage with staff about performance.

  • Leanne is highly supportive and enjoys creating a safe environment where people are happy, and willing to dig deep into themselves to find what’s holding them back.

  • Through my own supervision and workshops at the school we have ensured wellbeing is at the heart of our school improvement work.

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