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Partner – Leanne Hoffmann

Leanne Hoffmann

Leanne is a coach, trainer and consultant, specialising in leadership, employee and organizational development, with twenty years experience working in Management Consultancy and Organisational Development, for Andersen, Tesco Limited and SAGE Publications, and as a freelancer for a range of companies.

She has a deep knowledge of how to motivate, engage and develop people so they can perform to the best of their abilities and contribute significantly to the organisations they work for. She is interested in how to bring about lasting change.

In addition, Leanne is a registered and accredited psychotherapist with 14 years experience. This has enabled her to gain a deeper understanding of people’s emotional world and how this influences their behaviour, performance and development. She uses this to inform her work and often includes Cognitive Behavioural tools to help build self-awareness, manage emotional responses like stress, and increase emotional intelligence and resilience, enabling people to thrive.

  • Jo, Jacqueline and Leanne have run workshops in the school to enhance our understanding of emotional resilience and are extremely skilled at identifying how best to use their own specific skill sets to support individuals.

  • ..through a mixture of her deep understanding of people’s emotional world and how this affects their behaviour and skilful coaching she enables them to free themselves from old behavioural patterns and so reach their full potential.

  • The results of the training were a more consistent, professional and structured system for performance management across the organisation, with objectives in place for each team member and linked to those of the organisation. Line managers feel far more confident and able to engage with staff about performance.

  • Through my own supervision and workshops at the school we have ensured wellbeing is at the heart of our school improvement work.

  • highly supportive and enjoys creating a safe environment where people are happy, and willing to dig deep into themselves to find what’s holding them back.

0208 798 3498